Thursday, 10 November 2011



The Enemy is in the habit of saddling people with yokes and burdens which they can’t carry. Have you ever felt weighed down by the challenges of daily living? Well, you are not alone. However, that is not God’s desire for you.

A long time ago when Jacob stole Esau’s blessing, Esau must have felt weighed down by life itself. Shortly afterwards, Isaac made the following profound statement to him:

You’ll live far from Earth’s bounty, remote from Heaven’s dew.
You’ll live by your sword, hand-to-mouth, and you’ll serve your brother.
But when you can’t take it any more
You’ll break loose and run free.
–Genesis 27:39 – 40 (The Message)
Sometimes, in the journey of life, the catalyst for your breakthrough comes when you become fed up with your current situation. When you are tired of going round in circles. When you become restless, and can’t take the problems anymore. When you become sick and tired of being sick and tired!

When you get to that point, it is not time to quit. No. Neither is it time to give in or give up. It is not time to end your life, no, no, no! Instead, when you get to that point, then you are ready to break loose and break free. In the case of Esau, Isaac told him that when he can’t take the humiliation of serving his younger brother anymore, he would break loose and run free. Notice that Isaac didn’t say that Esau would need to go for deliverance! He would break free by himself. Now and again, all we need to do is to stand on the Word of God: The Word, which is forever settled in heaven.

Are you at that point in your life when you are ready to confront the giants who have terrorised you? Are you ready to tackle the enemy head on? All you have to do is submit yourself to God, and then resist the Devil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Devil will run away from you. Resist him. Rebuke him. Bind him. As a born again child of God, you have the authority in the name of Jesus. So, like the Nike advert says, “Just do it!”

Breakthrough is available today, but especially for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

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