Saturday, 7 April 2012

A POEM: Jesus Cares!

Listen carefully to me when I say, “Don’t wail”
The greater one indwells me so I won’t fail
Because on the wings of prayer
I bear his power in a fresh layer
So be calm, be very calm
You can always sing a psalm
Don’t worry about anything
Instead pray about everything
Give God Almighty all your praise
Do your utmost your voice to him to raise
For so wonderful and delightful is his gift
Yes glorious, illustrious, and gorgeous is his lift
Don’t sigh
He is nigh
It would rain yet again the former and latter rain
The rain without the pain of the train from the chain


 It’s a long journey, this outing
Nighttime in a coach is fast approaching
Things are beginning ever so slightly to fade
The light is starting to dim a slight shade
Don’t let the devil your faith shake
Remember your faith is genuine not fake
Oh saints, faint not
Dear friends, fear not
For I’ve found a sound
I hear the sound
It exclaims, “It’s not the frame!”
It’s the name with the fame
Jesus who gave himself to save us
Lovingly calling out to us with no fuss
“Come to me all you who labour
And I will ease your endeavour”


  1. The Lord bless you Sir and Greetings from Wales. I look forward to reading more of your powerful posts
    The Lord bless you

    1. I am honoured to receive you as a guest on my Blog! Thank you!!!

      And thank you for those wonderful words of encouragement. They are very much appreciated.

      May the LORD bless you and keep you!

      With every blessing