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As a valued reader and follower of this Blog, I have an irresistible offer for you that includes over $250 in free gifts.

Your special free gifts include...

1.      FREE eBook The Pursuit of God. The all-time international bestseller by A. W.  Tozer

2.      Free Book Tortured for Christ. Richard Wurmbrand's international bestseller (US Residents only) (Limited to one per household).

3.      Over fifty (50) Free Christian eBooks on various aspects of the Christian life. A Must-Collection for every serious Christian.

4.      Nine (9) Free Christian eBooks by Josh McDowell including the awesome How to Help Your Child say “NO” to Sexual Pressure. It’s a Must Read for every Parent.

5.      FREE Book 21 Days with Jesus: A Journey through John’s Gospel (US Residents only)

6.      FREE eBook by Dwight Lyman Moody: Secret Power or the Secret of Success in Christian Life and Work

7.      FREE eBook by Dwight Lyman Moody: Men of the Bible

8.      FREE eBook by Dwight Lyman Moody Pleasure & Profit in Bible Study

9.      FREE eBook by Andrew Murray: Lord Teach us to Pray

10.  FREE eBook by Andrew Murray: Jesus Himself

11.  FREE eBook: The United States Constitution

12.  FREE eBook: Two Kinds of Righteousness by EW Kenyon. “A Must Read for Every Christian”.

13.  FREE eBook by Sir Winston S. Churchill: Stemming The Tide Speeches 1951-1952 (1954)

14.  FREE eBook: The Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi

15.  Download free MP3 audio message by C S Lewis. Preached by C S Lewis in his own voice! BBC Radio Talk (MP3)

16.  Download free MP3 Album made up of 4 compilations of Power-Packed Scriptures for a Victorious Christian Life set to soothing music by the #IChurch

17.  Download free MP3 audio message “01 The Luggage of Life - Traveling Light (MP3)” by Max Lucado   

18.  Download free MP3 audio message “01 Facing Giants - Facing Your Giants (MP3)” by Max Lucado   

19.  Download free MP3 audio message “01 Introduction - Cure for the Common Life (MP3)” by Max Lucado  

20.  Download free 6 series audio life transforming message “Money Management in the Ministry of Jesus” by Dr Hugh Osgood. Including “Prioritising the Ministry”, “Prioritising the Poor” and the amazing “Prioritising our Eternal Destiny”

21.  Free Audio book Hearing God: Developing A Conversational Relationship with God (ZIP, MP3, M4B)

22.  Free Book Revolution in World Missions by Gospel for Asia.

23.  Free eBook: Israel 101 by Christians United for Israel.

24.  Free eBook Healing the Hurt (A book for those who need healing from the hurt of an abortion. Courtesy of Focus on the Family) http://www.heartlink.org/pdf/HealingTheHurt.pdf

25.  Free Kindle Book The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References): Old and New Testaments

26.  Twenty (20) Free eBooks and Reports gathered from Experts in Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing and SEO to help you succeed in social media. Provided by Steve Welsh Social Media. Delivered to your inbox for free, one per week! 

Now, here’s how you can grab these valuable free gifts...

You see, I am celebrating the official launch of my new book “Crushing the Devil: Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare & Victory in Christ” in a big, BIG way. So, I am ‘giving away the farm’ to do just that!

All *you* need to do to get over $250 in free gifts is grab a copy of my book for just $10.99 off Amazon.com Today Only. (Recently it was referred to by a Reviewer on Amazon as “The Spiritual Guide for 2012.”)

How’s THAT for a win-win celebration??

Best of all, “Crushing the Devil” is an amazing investment anyway because it also includes

ü  A challenge to examine where the devil has a stronghold in your life

ü  Help to enable you uncover battles you may be attempting to fight today in your own power. By understanding spiritual warfare, you learn to stand on the Word of God and use the authority given to you as a child of God to command the enemy to flee using the name of Jesus.

ü  Help to unpack burning issues such as: -Who are we in Christ Jesus? -Who is the enemy? -What is our authority over the enemy? -What is spiritual warfare and what are some of its strategies? -How do I handle the enemy's disobedience?

So click on the link below and grab yourself a copy of “Crushing the Devil” right now:

Then all you have to do to get your free gifts is visit the Landing Page with the receipt you’ll get from Amazon.com and enter the Amazon Confirmation Number in the form provided.  Here is the link to the Landing Page: http://crushingthedevil.net/

According to Readers Favorite, “Pedro Okoro has been granted Divine Intervention to be able to write this book for you…He writes with such strong voice on this powerful subject.”

(You’ll also see some incredible 5-star reviews listed on Amazon.com)

However, the celebration ends at midnight tonight! So the only way you can grab all the free gifts is to purchase your copy of “Crushing The Devil” and get the Amazon Confirmation Number into the Form on the Landing Page at: http://crushingthedevil.net/  before midnight.


Rev Pedro Okoro

P.S: Remember, to receive your $250+ in free bonuses you must visit the Landing Page with the receipt you’ll get from Amazon.com and enter the Amazon Confirmation Number in the form provided by midnight Eastern Time tonight!  Here is the link to the Landing Page: http://crushingthedevil.net/

P.P.S: Please note that the Amazon system sometimes updates slowly and it may show that the book won’t be shipped for a day or two, however plenty of books have been printed for this celebration.

P.P.P.S: You can also buy the Kindle version of the book!

P.P.P.P.S: Remember it’s also a perfect gift for birthdays, graduation, Mother’s and Father’s Days.

(C) Pedro OkoroBlogger, Author, Pastor. 
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